Adult WordPress Hosting cPanel

Adult WordPress Hosting cPanel

Reliable web hosting for your adult website.

Free Adult WordPress Hosting cPanel

The renewal price of domains and hosting plans is 100% the same. No Hidden Costs

*The price is displayed based on the billing cycle.

Global CDN and Status (StackCP)

Amsterdam, Netherland

Paris, France

Barcelona, Spain

Frankfurt, Germany

London, UK

Moscow, Russia

Mumbai, India

Singapore, Singapore

Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Australia

Toronto, Canada

Seattle, USA

Dallas, USA

Los Angeles, USA

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Johannesburg, Africa

Hong Kong, Asia



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Automatic Migration

You can migrate to Host2Go automatically from other web hosts. If you’re coming from a different provider, our Support Team is always happy to help. There’s no risk of data loss.

Free Adult WordPress Hosting cPanel

Load Balanced

The magic behind Host2Go load-balancing platform is that it prevents any single point of failure. Our speedy servers monitor and distribute traffic as required, include DDoS protection, and have the ability to call on additional compute power.


Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is all about making a website load faster, wherever they are in the world.

Free CDN

Your website will load quickly, wherever your users are.

Cloud Hosting

Robust platform, no single point of failure, consistently fast.

NVMe SSD storage

Experience lightning-fast speed and enhanced reliability.

One Click Apps

Choose from 100+ installs such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento.

Expert Support

Live chat and ticket support from our in-house support team.

Leading control panels

cPanel and StackCP is undoubtedly the leading control panel on the market today, designed to provide you with an unbeatable hosting experience – powerful, secure and reliable. Powered by Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and Linode.

Everything for Your Site to Succeed

Any Questions – Contact hosting expert.

1-Click App Installations with Softaculous.

You can install a wide range of popular software in a click of a button, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento & many more – no hassle or technical know-how required! What’s more you’ll get an easy to use control panel to manage all your installed software, perform backups and handle upgrades.
wordpress free hosting cpanel

FREE Automatic
2x Daily Backups (cPanel)

Full cPanel account backups every day as standard. the ideal disaster recovery companion, completely free of charge and included with each and every account.

You can restore either your full site or choose to selectively restore files, dns records, email accounts and more with a single click, from any point in time.

Unexpected data loss affects businesses of any types, and can happen anytime. Data backups are a minimum requirement for all businesses. Protect your online assets 24/7


Stored outside of our core data-center to ensure availability during disasters.


Our backups are taken automatically 2x daily free of charge.


Made a mistake? Get your site online within just a few minutes.


Powered by JetApps, our disaster recovery solution is industry leading.

Our mission, vision, and values

Realizing the full potential of the internet. To be the world’s most trusted partner for Quality Assurance.

Over 200k+ happy customers

Since the dorm room back in 2003, our customer count has grown to over 200,000, spanning throughout more than 100 countries.

750k + websites hosted and online

Host2Go proudly hosts over 750k websites, WordPress blogs, and applications for designers, developers, small businesses, and more.

Real support by Experts 24/7/365

Our award-winning in-house support staff is available to you all day, every day, via live chat, email, and social media.

Experts Standing by

We Know Cloud Technology inside and out. After all, we built it. Get Help and Advice from our in-house Host2Go Team Anytime. 

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