HostAdvice Research: When Should You Upgrade to VPS Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most pocket-friendly option for people just starting this business. It’s the perfect solution for newcomers and people who don’t have much tech knowledge because the setup is effortless. It will also enable you to successfully set up and run your WordPress blog for a pretty affordable price.

But when your business starts to grow, it will attract more traffic, and you’ll need more storage space and bandwidth. Suddenly your business will need more power than shared hosting has to provide, and you’ll find yourself looking for the next great hosting solution.

If your website needs more resources, it’s time to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan.

When Is The Right Time to Upgrade to VPS Hosting?

There’s nothing wrong with using shared hosting forever, but if your business is thriving, you must consider VPS hosting. A virtual private server, commonly known as VPS, is an advanced hosting solution that enables users to utilize private server resources. VPS costs more than shared hosting, but it’s more affordable than renting an entire physical server. The reality is that sometimes it’s better to pay more to keep your business running successfully.

VPS hosting provides:

  • More speed
  • More resources
  • More freedom
  • Less downtime
  • Customizable configuration and optimization

Sometimes users aren’t sure when it’s the right time to upgrade, so let’s check out when to get VPS.

  • If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load – it’s time for VPS

Loading speed has a crucial role in how your site will rank. If you want your website to rank well, you need a faster hosting provider or a hosting provider that will load your site in less than 3 seconds. Shared hosting is fast, but VPS has more resources and high-performance hardware. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, purchase a VPS because you might lose visitors in a second.

  • If your site is running low on space and resources, its time for an upgrade

If you want your site to grow, attract more visitors, and all your apps to run smoothly, you need to have a hosting provider that offers more resources, like multiple CPU cores, more RAM, and SSD storage. VPS has a lot more resources than shared hosting, so consider upgrading.

  • You want more flexibility and freedom to make your vision come to live

Innovation is what brings success to this business. People who just started in the business love to be creative to create their perfect website. Unfortunately, if those people use shared hosting, they’ll get frustrated because they won’t get the flexibility or freedom to do what they want. While shared hosting has a lot of restrictions, VPS has cutting-edge technology and will allow you to customize even your content management system.

  • Get VPS if you want more robust security for your site

Shared hosting has multiple users hosting their websites on shared servers. Since there’s a massive amount of data in that shared server, the server’s security may be affected. On the other hand, VPS users operate independently in an isolated environment and can install firewall restrictions and configure more security rules to ensure top-notch security.

  • VPS is a must for eCommerce websites

It doesn’t matter if your eCommerce site is big or small; you need to pay the extra money and invest in a virtual private server. By upgrading to VPS, you will have better uptime, improved performance, excellent security, better reliability, and dedicated IPs. If you want your e-commerce site to be successful and get your income, invest in VPS.

If you’re ready to get an upgrade, you can try purchasing a VPS plan from DaManager, an excellent full-service creative digital agency. DaManager offers excellent VPS plans that contain unmanaged performance, security and updates, expandable RAM and storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, SSDs, SSL, and unlimited domains. The most affordable DaManager VPS plan will cost you $17/month.


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There are many cheaper hosting options than VPS, but the reality is that if you want to succeed in this business and create and manage a successful website, you need to upgrade. Shared hosting is excellent, but VPS hosting will take your website to another level. And if you are an eCommerce shop owner that wants to stay in the game, a VPS is a must!

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